ABS – Accountability Bible study

There is not greater joy in the Church than to fellowship with brother and sisters in Christ. There is no greater joy than to share and encourage each other in God’s word when we gather together.
However living in a city such a Bangalore, where life is hectic and busy and travel is crazy, it often gets hard to meet together and enjoy time to meditate with Gods word. In an effort to study the bible together we took up another approach
ACCOUNTABILITY BIBLE STUDY. We used the Precept Ministries book called ‘Unleashing the Holy
Spirit’. This was 13 week study on the Book of Acts.
The ABS follows a system where each person uses the Inductive study series book and walks through one book of the Bible. The church decided to do this together. We were accountable to each other in the following aspect
1. Following the Precept book as our main study material
2. Reporting our personal thoughts and meditation with the entire church
3. Being accountable to the church elders and each other in completing the material in a suitable time. In addition to the Inductive Study Series we also used a bible to mark our keywords and dwell deeply into the theme and personalities in this book.
As a celebration of completing the ABS – Acts study, a fellowship with all those who were part of this study was planned. Quizzes, learnings and joy was shared. Prizes were won and everyone was encouraged to keep at the word.
Luke 18:27 ‘What seems impossible to man is possible to God!’
Sometimes it seems like an impossibility to study the word of God with a group more than 3-4 people. Here God provided us with a study and the technology for over 20 people to study together.
All Glory to HIM
NEXT UP  : Studying the book of JOHN!

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