Calling -The Timing

Calling -The Timing

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Sermon by: Joshua Sharon Senthiappan

Acts 9:15, 16
Paul’s calling

It took more than 10 years from when Paul received his calling after his encounter with God to when he went out on his first Missionary journey to share the gospel with the gentiles.

We have to trust God and the process he is taking us through.
We have to trust His timing, knowing that He knows best .

Ecc 3:11
He makes everything beautiful in His time.
We need to press on and not give up.
We need to persevere through the challenges and rejections that we face, like Paul did.
Paul was called to suffer.
Through His suffering, Christ was revealed.

Moses’ calling

Acts 7:20
Moses was no ordinary child.
Moses knew he was special and unique, but he had to wait for 80 years to walk in his calling.

Moses’ life was a story of 3 contrasting parts.

1.For the first 40 years, he was getting educated and was learning the way of the Egyptians.
He was miraculously seen by Pharaoh’s daughter and saved.
He was brought up like a prince in the King’s palace.

After 40 years,Moses wanted to be a leader and set his people free, but he still had some way to go before he could do that.

2.The next 40 years were spent in the wilderness, shepherding the flocks and unlearning what he thought he knew. His idea of becoming a leader was changing.

God had to humble Moses and take him through a period of refinement during this time.

3.The final 40 years of Moses life are spent leading God’s people-Israel.

Moses was now not proud of what he knew or who he was,but was a very humble person, who was ready to listen to God.

God changed Moses from someone that wanted to be in control all the time to someone who was obedient to God.

God took Moses through the wilderness and he had to be patient for God’s purposes to be fulfilled in his life.

We may need to wait too. Especially when we don’t see anything happening, we need to trust and believe God that he is in control and that his purposes will be fulfilled in our lives.

Acts 7:20-35
A brief life story of Moses.

God’s ways of bringing each of us out through our waiting period will be different.
But in His time, He will bring us out.

At the right time, not too early or too late.
The waiting period would have been very frustrating for Moses.

Acts 7:25
Moses thought that the people would recognize God’s calling on his life.
But they didn’t and they rejected him instead.

Acts 7:35
The same Moses whom they rejected.. God used to lead them out.

Before and the right time…what a difference it makes !!

The bamboo tree takes 6 years to grow after the seed is planted.
For 6 years there is no sign of growth at all.
Suddenly, after 6 years, there is a huge growth and the tree is fully developed!!
In the right time, God will come through for us!!

Gal 6:9
Let us not be weary while doing good, in the right time we will reap if we don’t give up.

The period of waiting is very difficult and we feel like giving up.
However, we need to be patient through the process.
We don’t give up because we know that He is in control of our lives and our destiny.

Luke 16:10
Faithful with little, faithful with much.

Even though you may start off on your calling in a small way, be faithful and God will increase the anointing on your life and take you to the next level.