Calling – Hearing the call

Calling – Hearing the call

Sermon by  Joshua Sharon Senthiappan 

Calling – Hearing the call

What is calling ?

A strong inner impulse toward a particular course of action especially when accompanied by conviction of divine influence.

We always feel that others may be called, but that we aren’t called.

God has called all of us.
But how do we recognize our calling ?
Do we hear an audible voice of God like Paul every time ?
Or do we see a writing on the wall like Nebuchadnezzar?

Few ways to understand our calling :

1.What we are naturally inclined to.
Eg: To teach, to help, to encourage.

2.The direction that the church is moving in.
Eg : Children’s ministry, Evangelism.

  1. Personal Gifting
    Eg: Word of wisdom, spirit of discernment, Prophecy .

Start serving God with what you have.
Don’t worry about what others have or what God has called them to do.

You don’t have to reach a certain standard for God to use you.

You can start off small and God will multiply it.
Start with where you are and whatever you have.

Ecc 9:10
Whatever your hand finds to do, do it to the best of your ability.

What are you burdened about ?
What do you talk about the most ?
When you see something, what first usually comes to your mind?
What moves your heart and causes you to take action?

Your calling can be what you’re naturally interested in, doesn’t have to be different.

Sometimes, God calls us to do something that we never thought we could be good at.

We may have different calling at different stages of life like Paul.

Paul’s calling

Once Saul encountered God, his direction changed.
There was a 360 degree shift in the direction towards which he was going.

Saul was eager to spread the name of the God of Israel and bring people to the right path.
Once he encountered God, his life mission didn’t change much in terms of his passion and what he wanted to do.
His direction changed.
His understanding of God and the right way of following God changed completely.

If it wasnt for Ananias, there would be no Paul.
Ananias decided to obey God.It wasn’t easy and it would have been so easy for Ananias to disobey and ask God to send someone else or doubt Him.
God used one man’s obedience to bring people from all over the world to Him.

Acts 9:15,16
Paul had a calling to suffer and share the gospel to the gentiles.

From being a great and well learned person to being rejected when he tried to preach the gospel in Damascus, Jerusalem and Tarsus.
His co-labourers in the gospel rejected him and didn’t believe him.
They thought he was not being truthful.

Paul knew his calling and pressed on.
He didn’t give up.

Barnabas spoke up for Paul in Jerusalem among the disciples and apostles.

Acts 11:25
Barnabas went to Tarsus to look for Paul.

Acts 9:31
A time of peace.
From a time of persecution to a time of peace when Paul realized his true calling.

Acts 11: 29,30
One of Paul’s first major tasks was to carry the Offering and relief from Antioch to Judea by horse.
One of his first tasks was to be a courier boy!!

From courier boy to world changer

Talk about small beginnings !!

God’s calling for you may be different for different stages of life.

Acts 13:1-3
Paul and Barnabas were sent for the first Missionary journey.

We have to trust God in our current stage for Him to take us to the next.
Paul trusted God and didn’t grumble when he was asked to carry the funds and offerings to Judea.
The same God who took Paul to the next stage of his calling , will carry us through as well.

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