In order to achieve its vision of a wholesome community, Children’s Club forms a crucial mission endeavor.

Children are the next generation. What we teach them today, they will practice tomorrow. In essence, when we mentor children and shape their thinking,  we are shaping our future. Parents are busy with their own schedules and routines. Schools are focused on pure academics which produces severe stress in children. There is no one to listen to them and speak to them.

Children’s Club is all about children. Here we have a team of mentors who work to create a special time for the children from the community. Children get to talk their heart out, de-stress. The mentors are ever-listening.

The intention of the club is to sow seeds of love that will produce a harvest of righteousness in the next generation, changing destinies, empowering people to live a life of fulfillment.

The Club has attracted children over the years and forms a crucial part of  the NLF ECC ministry to the community.

The Children’s Club is closed during exam seasons as well as major vacations of the year.

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