Desire to be healed

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– Ps Melven

· “Things which we have pushed it under the carpet needs to be taken out”

· The sick man in John 5:1-14 seems to be one who made peace with his sickness.

· This is evident from how he responds to Jesus, when he was asked if he wants to get healed.

· He seems to be finding excuse when he says , no one helped him to the pool. Nobody could hinder his destiny but himself. He allowed his weakness to become stronghold in his life.

· His sinful lifestyle might also be a factor for his plight. “Sin no more” Jesus says, when He meets him at the temple.

· For him, the only way he would get healing is through the pool. That’s his lone religious conviction.

· When compared with the women having discharge of blood, the man did significantly less in terms of effort and desire to get healed.