Faithfulness with Money & Debt

Faithfulness with Money & Debt

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· All are open and exposed to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account. God keeps us accountable with what He has provided us. He expects us to be faithful and loyal to His providences, especially money.

· If we are faithful with the little that we have been provided, God will set us over much things (Matt 25:21).

· How we handle money is a reflection of our character.

· Our finances get in order, as we manage our money faithfully and diligently.

· We have set ourselves as a bad testimony when we waste our possessions (Luke 16:1-2).

· Being faithful with our personal possessions is the minimum that we require to be given responsibility over others’ possessions. (Luke 16:11).

· Debt is something that we are obliged to give back what we have borrowed.

· Borrowing is not unbiblical, but cautious us of it.

· Romans 13:8 warns that let no debt remain. It has to be cleared on priority.

· In some instances, Bible shows debt as a curse; even, debt is a slavery.

· Debt, sometimes, denies God an opportunity to help us in His ways.