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Sermon by Pastor Luke

The primary reason for struggle is unforgiveness.

Gen 2:9
Tree of bitterness.

We (man) have a choice :

Tree of life(God himself).


Tree of knowledge of good and evil(Independent of God).

Two basic principles at work in our lives

  1. The law of judgement.
    Matt 7:1, 3-5
  2. The law of sowing and reaping.
    Gal 6:7-8

How to root out unforgiveness?

  1. Forgive.
    We need to forgive to receive forgiveness from God.
  2. Pray for those who have done wrong against you.
    Heb 12:15
  3. Repent of our sins to God.
    Deal with the issues of your heart.
    1John 1:9

How to repent?

  1. Ask for the Spirit.
    Luke 11:13
  2. Know your sin.
    Psa. 51:3
  3. Understand your heart.
    Psa. 139:23
  4. Confess and mourn your sin.
    Jam 4:9
  5. Live in hope.
  6. Meditate the Message.
  7. Preach the gospel.

God is your avenger and He will avenge the wrongs done against you.

Choose to deal with your offenders in forgiveness like Joseph.
Choose to deal with them in grace, like Jesus did.