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Sermon by Dr. George Cherian

· In John 16:33, when Jesus says,” In this world you will have trouble”, is he not cautioning us to be prepared and grounded, for the storms that could come in our life?

· But these storms often come to serve the purpose of God’s will in our life; God himself leads us into these hardships. Few instances in Gospels assert this.

· “Let us go to other side of the lake” -Jesus seems to bidding them into the storm though, storm was eventually ceased at His command.

· Mat 14:25-30 also shows a God who leads us into the impossible. Jesus commands Peter to come out of the boat and walk towards him, on the water.

· But Peter begins to drown as he sees the wind and become afraid. How often we tend to lose the sight of God in the midst of troubles, and stumble?

· Scripture points out the significance of foundation for a house. House founded on the rock stands strong against currents of wind and flood.

· Jesus in Mat 7:24 tells disciples that whoever hears His words and does them, will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock. ‘His words’ in the verse points to Jesus’s teachings from Mat 5:1 to 7:23, including Sermon on the Mount.

· These are ought to be our foundation of our life, as we wade through the struggles and challenges in our life.

· We see a great example in Job, when he arose and tore his robes and shaved his head and worshipped God, at the onset of troubles. How are we, in the midst of hardships? Are we like Job?