The first principles

The first principles

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Sermon by Pastor George

Matt 28:18-20
The great commission.

The ‘others’ around us.

‘Teach them to obey’.
This is discipleship.
The great commission is a lifetime mission.

John 15:1-8
If we follow Jesus’ principles, we will be successful.

Paul taught three distinct things

  1. The gospel (Kerygma/Proclamation).
  2. The gospel (Kerygmatic) Expansion.
  3. The ‘didache’, which are the ethics.

Gal 4:3
Elementary principles of the world.

Gal 4:8-9
Not going back to the teachings of this world.

Acts 14:22
Continuing to live in the teachings.

Col 2:6-8
Principles of the World versus Principles of Christ.

Rom 1:16
Gospel is the power of God.

2Tim 2:15
The right teaching the right way.

The content can only be transferred by teaching or demonstration.

Read it, live it, teach it and they inturn teach it.