The stone is rolled away

Every little bit of the of the story of the cross is important. Sometimes we focus so much on the cross that we miss out on some of the details.

Like the man who carried the cross for Jesus.  Simon of Cyrene

Or the guard whose ear was cut off in the Garden of Gethasmene by one of the disciples.

One verse that often gets left out or read through too quickly is Luke 24:2  ‘They found the stone rolled away’  Why was this so  important to mention? The stone was rolled away! Would it not be cooler if the stone was still there and Jesus had risen ? Obviously that verse has significance. Every now and then we feel a stone rolled – On to our hearts – Into our lives – In the way of our dreams. Usually this stone leaves us listless, we yearn for something, we  feel depressed, or scared, or guilty, or incomplete.

When we follow Jesus Christ sometimes these stones become heavier.  Coming to Jesus does not mean that there are no stones but rather now things clear. Trials come in the form of stones, boulders and massive mountains. There is no Gray area for a believer, but the distinction between right and wrong is clear.  Its in those times of decision between the right and wrong that we often feel the stone.

The stone is a very important part of our salvation story. Because there is only one person who can roll the stone away. Not Mary. Not Peter. Not the Roman soldier.

Only Jesus can roll the stone away and rise into our lives. The grave is empty and we have hope!

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